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We can all probably recognise times in our lives where we feel 'stuck', tired of feeling anxious or helpless, aware maybe of repeating the same patterns of behaviour but unable to get out of it. Or perhaps a big life event or sudden news has left us feeling lost or bewildered. We may know that we are probably catastrophizing or prone to taking things personally, but it isn't always easy to know how to be any different. 


Therapy can help when we feel dissatisfied with life, overwhelmed or lost and want to make changes, but don't know where to start or what options we have.  Sometimes it is difficult to talk to someone close to us for fear of the impact on them, so it can be helpful to confidentially connect with someone impartial to help us cope with our emotions, or deal with situations we may feel that we have no control over.

My training is in Integrative Psychotherapy and Psychology. There are many different approaches to therapy and being integrative means that I haven't already decided, before even meeting you, what is the approach that is best for you and don't believe that one approach suits everyone. What I do believe in is building a strong, trusting, transparent relationship together so that we can work openly and safely in your best interest. Regular reviews with ensure that we keep this in mind. 


I have specific experience and training in ACT, CFT, Mindfulness and working psychodynamically and relationally with people who are anxious, depressed, stressed, suffered trauma, have difficulty controlling emotions or who are experiencing health concerns. I have experience working with deliberate self harm and suicidal ideation and in the psychological impact of relational trauma and domestic abuse. My Doctoral research was in the specific challenges people face feeling compassion for themselves. I have experience in both individual work and running groups. I also run mindfulness courses (MBSR and MBCT) and evening classes in mindfulness.

As part of my training I have attended long term therapy myself, so I know first hand that it can feel exposing and very daunting when it begins. I have also found though that having someone who truly listens without judgement and the space to work out how I feel and react to things, can be very valuable. 

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